Announcement: Today we launch the Open Beta version of LucidWeb Pro.

You have spoken and we listened — LucidWeb Pro is now publicly available. Discover its new and improved features.

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We are confident that this new version of LucidWeb Pro contributes to the advancement and development of immersive storytelling. Based on the feedback we received, we improved our offering and integrated new features. We focused on reducing the number of steps while uploading, editing, sharing and publishing of immersive content.

Now, how can you use LucidWeb Pro? Let’s say that you work with or for a travel brand and they wish to launch a new travel destination making use of 360° content.

1 — Upload your content

After sign in, you have immediate access to the LucidWeb Pro editor. The left panel invites you to upload and add a 360° video. Stop worrying about video codecs, LucidWeb Pro now automatically transcodes the video into the preferred browser format.

2 — Edit

Once uploaded, your video is shown in the editor. Increase viewer engagement by adding interactivity through “hotspots”. Hotspots enable you to highlight certain areas in the 360° space, provide more context via information that appears when the audience interacts with these points. The interactivity can take place via touch (mobile), mouse (desktop) or gazing / controllers (headset).

3 — Get feedback

Done with editing? Before making the story available for everyone, you can share the URL privately.

4 — Export

Everyone’s happy? Then, click “Export”! LucidWeb Pro provides two ways to broadcast your story to the world: a unique URL and/or an embed code. As for the latter, we received lots of useful feedback. We mostly invested in maximizing its performance and this across all three devices: browsers of desktop, mobile and headset. Go ahead and start sharing your experience.

LucidWeb Pro continues to refine and improve based on your feedback. We greatly appreciate your continued interest and support.

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