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How to boost your indoor brand campaign with WebAR

In the past few weeks, two software giants pushing the boundaries of augmented reality (AR) made news with remarkable statements related to their vision for this technology. According to Facebook’s chief VR researcher Michael Abrash, AR glasses are still five to ten years away, but they will eventually replace the phone. Apple CEO Tim Cook affirmed during the same week that AR is the next big thing. Augmented reality is rapidly making its way into marketing and advertising.

Because of the seamless integration of AR and social media, businesses of all sizes and types are taking advantage of this technology. Digi-Capital predicts that augmented reality could be worth $90 billion by 2023, with 1 billion smartphones on the market already being AR-enabled. AR makes advertising interactive, allowing marketers and advertisers to reach out to consumers in totally new and surprising ways.

The fact is, there are a number of ways brands can use AR to boost their marketing campaigns and grow their businesses. Innovative ad formats popularized by Snapchat and Instagram have piqued the interest of consumers and popular brands such as the NFL, the BBC and Paramount.

Our mission at LucidWeb is to democratise access to VR and AR, working with Fortune 500 brands such as NetApp on web-based solutions that bring AR closer to the end consumer. According to research by AR Insider, in terms of WebAR’s addressable market, they estimate that WebAR has the ability to reach nearly twice as many smartphones as ‘native’ AR apps, with a global market of over 2.97 billion compatible devices.

NetApp introduced a scavenger hunt at a Cisco Live conference in Barcelona in 2019. LucidWeb brought the scavenger hunt to the browser and the results were unparalleled. The goal of the game was for participants to find a total of six markers hidden in the event space. The players then had to unlock 3D animations and finally collect a reward. During the three-day conference, 60,000 people played the treasure hunt and a total of 800 attendees went to the booth to pick up their prize.

Last year LucidWeb won a pitch contest that was organized by a fast-moving consumer brand to gather the best indoor marketing activation solutions in AR. LucidWeb presented a prototype to creatively capture consumers’ attention while shopping.

While shopping for the brand products, the WebAR-enabled game is launched via a QR code. A well-known football player introduces the game. The objective is to scan the area around you with your phone and discover the hidden footballs in AR. When you have successfully located all the footballs, you receive a digital coupon for the brand products to be redeemed at the checkout.

AR marketing is more than entertainment. It is a unique, memorable way to emotionally connect with your customer and allow them to reimagine your product. Brands have immediately realized the many possibilities that WebAR brings to social media marketing:

  • WebAR reduces the costs and time involved in creating and maintaining a native app for the publisher.
  • It reduces friction to access. Any consumer with a smartphone can engage without the need to install an app first, increasing access rates and engagement.
  • On top of this, WebAR increases brand visibility by making experiences instantly shareable across channels.

Marketers looking for new ideas to enhance their campaigns should consider the opportunities that WebAR brings for brand activation:

  • The discovery and promotion of indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • A brilliant way to drive footfall to any space, by encouraging purchases with unlockable offers that leave a lasting impression.
  • Creation of a unique brand experience that is both fun and memorable.
  • Increased brand engagement.

Augmented reality advertising gives marketers an enormous advantage since this technology makes ads efficient and engaging. If you are ready to step into the world of web-based augmented reality advertising, feel free to contact our team and we’ll help you get your fantastic idea off the ground.

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