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Discover a new immersive experience in 360° and explore Antwerp’s municipal theatre in a private tour

It’s not that easy these days to take some cultural visits whenever you want to. Nevertheless, it is possible to embark on a virtual journey that brings you closer to the cultural life of Antwerp (Belgium) and let you enjoy a piece of normality.

LucidWeb has partnered up with AP Hogeschool to create a new experience of virtual visiting in 360° the renowned Bourla Schouwburg in Antwerp. Toneelhuis, Antwerp’s municipal theatre, is the largest theatre company in Flanders and has a residency at Bourla. Toneelhuis offers a wide variety of theatre programs and international plays and brings up a very artistic diversity. For their performances, they use a very wide spectrum of verbal theatre, extremely visual theatre, the intense use of audio and visual technology, small-scale artisanal work, visual interventions in the city and regular productions on the large stage.

The prestigious neoclassical theatre was designed by the architect Pierre Bourla and opened in 1834 under the name “Le Théâtre Royal Français”, on account of its ownership by a French company. The Bourla has been a listed building since 1938 and is therefore considered one of the most important historical buildings in Belgium. It is the last remaining municipal theatre in Europe with original stage machines that fill five levels above and below the stage.

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Use the card icon to unlock a map of the building & get back on track.

Be your own guide and decide where you want to start your virtual tour. Go back to explore the different parts of the theatre whenever you want to. Unlike a simple photo, you have the opportunity to look at the different rooms in a 360-degree view and enjoy the loving details. Use the chance on the empty rooms to create a mindset in your head and think of your personal theatre experience. Add the voice of the actor Tom Dewispelaere (known from the Belgian fiction series ‘Over Water‘) as an audio guide to your virtual tour, to get some historical facts and background information of Bourla in a compelling story-telling format. Whenever you feel lost on your tour, use the card icon at the button left as a navigation tool and get back on track.

The virtual tour can not only be experienced via mobile phone, laptop or tablet, the tour is also available on the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest (1 and 2!). These VR headsets are stand-alone devices, which means that you don’t need a computer or wire to get into VR. The Quest 2 just came out and is available for everyone as from 350 euros, so in terms of pricing, they are very accessible in comparison with previous high-end VR headsets on the market. These new headsets add an even more intensive and vivid feeling to your virtual visit of Bourla.

Our goal is to offer you an immersive experience that brings a piece of Antwerp’s history straight to your home and that you will fondly remember, even in these extraordinary times. Lean back and enjoy!

Credits go to Charlotte Pfeifer for the research and editorial work.

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