LucidWeb’s Community Player is coming to town!

For the past few months, the LucidWeb team has been working hard to formulate an answer to the key question that has been in our heads for a long time: ‘“As a publisher, how can you lower the threshold for people to experience VR content?” We wanted to build a 360° player that doesn’t only show immersive content seamlessly on a smartphone or computer, but also works well on mobile VR (Cardboard VR, Gear VR, Daydream VR) and desktop VR (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive), hence a true VR player. And today is the day! Our tech guys have been working hard at identifying and developing the ideal cross-platform 360° player. We are still optimising some of its functionalities, but we did not want to wait to share it with you. Please register here and in a next step, we will provide you with the code so you can upload your immersive content and publish cross-platform, immediately, via one URL.

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Earlier this week, the Fashion Museum in Antwerp (MoMu) used our player for the official launch of “She Walks in Beauty”. A unique virtual walk of a retrospective dedicated to the work of fashion designer Olivier Theyskens, currently on display at the museum. Via LucidWeb’s player, the experience is now accessible to everyone, on every 2D screen or as well fully immersed in a VR headset. The artistically and technically astonishing production was made in cooperation with VR studio Cousteau and Google Arts & Culture.

Being a tech company focussed on WebVR also means that we can try out all the new VR gadgets that are being launched. Yesterday, we tested the experience in the newest Samsung’s Odyssey Mixed Reality headset. We were all thrilled to see our player running smoothly in its Microsoft Edge browser!

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