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Take a Trip to Sunny Cuba on Your Couch With Cuba in 360° WebVR

Couch travelling is getting a new sense. The time has come for your couch to be the vehicle you travel with. LucidWeb has partnered up with Berlin-based studio Into.VR, to get you a virtual ticket to Cuba on a first-class seat: you can now experience this travel adventure from the comfort of your own device and on your preferred browser.

The interactive 360° WebVR experience featuring real-time tracking takes you to unique locations in Cuba and allows you to pave your own path while discovering Havana, Trinidad, and Cuban cays on your phone, desktop, or VR headset.

On each location, you can choose one out of four hotspots that will take you to your next destination. You can also sit back and follow the pre-set path to discover how the ambience is over there in Cuba before you travel in person.

Moreover, there is a map available for you to have a bird’s-eye view over the island and to browse the exact locations of the possible destinations so that you can jump-travel to them without having to follow any path.

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with real-time tracking and to create your own travel path across Cuba.

Because of global travel restrictions, VR is becoming mainstream in tourism. There are already many apps you can download to your devices such as Google Earth VR, Everest VR, and Wander. While they give you a chance to discover your prospective travel destinations before you actually decide to go there, there are also other advantages perhaps a little bit more subtle. It goes without saying that under the current circumstances, not everyone is able to travel as they like. Additionally, there are numerous historical or natural sites that in normal conditions have limited capacity to accommodate visitors. VR travel gives us a chance to be in those places. When you immerse yourself into 3D footage, you will feel present in it and this sense of presence is what makes VR experiences unique and different than watching a flat travel video.

The VR travel experiences available for your devices require you to download their application for you to be able to access the content. With our human-centric approach and our WebVR player, you will only need to visit the URL of the experience to find yourself in sunny Havana with all its allure.

So, prepare yourself a Cuba Libre and brace for a very soft landing onto the beach of Ensenachos Cay even before the ice in your drink melts. To validate your virtual ticket and to aboard the journey, simply go to Kuba in 360°. Have a nice trip!

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